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Cassette Air Conditioners, Ceiling Air Conditioner

Future solution is a wholesaler and dealer offering a completely reliable range of Cassette Air conditioners in Ahmadabad. We are dealers of Well-known brands of the market Daikin. Our products are ensured of giving excellent performance not only Cassette AC but also Ceiling Air conditioner in Ahmadabad. We procure and deal with Ac of varied size model and specification so as to meet distinguished needs of clients. We moreover becoming one of the stop solutions for patrons we render repairs and service of Cassette air conditioners in Ahmadabad.

We have the eminence of being one of the leading performers for Daikin in sales of commercial air conditioners as well as room air conditioners in Ahmadabad. In Recent past we have been awarded sales and service dealers for Daikin Ceiling air conditioner in Ahmedabad. Cassette air conditioners is compactness and ability to distribute cool air uniformly in four directions without ducting make them and ideal choice where it is not practical to have a ducts for air flow. The features of the cassette air conditioners in Ahmadabad

  • • Three phase advantages
  • • Dust filter
  • • Anti corrosive
  • • Extended piping length
  • • Economy mode
  • • Dry mode
  • • Auto mode
  • • Cleanable panel
  • • Air flow direction control Same as the future solution is one of the most famous in which awarded as pioneer in saleing, dealer of ceiling Air conditioner in Ahmedabad and gives the best features of it
  • • First of all Ceiling Ac in used for office, building, retail space, warehousing etc for comfort of employees.
  • • The location such as computer server room requires cooling in order for equipment according to requirement select the model.

Both this Ac is same only and highly used in the office, mall, hotels, industry etc.

Cassette Air Conditioners In Ahmedabad, Ceiling Air Conditioner In Ahmedabad

Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type
Cooling only & Heat pump

Quiet, décor-blending form and easy installation in new or old buildings.

R-410A Ceiling Mounted Round Flow Cassette Type
Cooling Only & Heat Pump

Uniform 3600 airflow cassette air conditioner is...

Ceiling Suspended Cassette Type
FUY Series

Flexibility in installation location. Installation is also simple.

R-410A Celing Mounted 2 X 2 Cassette Type
Cooling Only & Heat Pump

Quiet, décor-blending form and easy installation in new or old buildings.

Wall Mounted Type (Cooling Only) Split Type FTE-L Series
Quiet Operation

Daikin has always focused on creating sleek, modem air conditioners that coordinate smoothly with any...

R-22 Floor/Ceiling (Suspended Dual Type)
A Refreshingly Simple Design

The Series’ stylish flat panel design creates a simplicity and sophistication that enchances any interior space. All..